SCAM ALERT- MRM is a victim of Fraud. Our banking information has been compromised and scam artists are using that information to issue fake checks for items or merchandise you may have for sale. If you have received a check from MRM and you don't have an existing relationship with us, do not cash the check or release any merchandise or funds. Please contact us immediately. A case file has been started with the FBI.

“Reliable, dependable, trustworthy, fair and reasonable. MRM Construction Services has professionally performed numerous base and airfield pavement projects at Luke Air Force Base and Gila Bend Air Force Auxuliary Field for several years now. My best contractor! ”

– Ray V. Petti, Luke Air Force Base

“The MRM Construction Services field management staff worked very professionally and cooperatively with all the various government agencies (Corps of Engineers, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and the Arizona Department of Transportation) delivering a quality project.”

– Terry Childers, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers